2022: Predictions from Giovanni

Y7 Creative Writing

In the year 2022, Zaccaria hopes to be doing many exciting things, such as living in a big and spacious patio and wearing a non-gravity NASA spacesuit to fly around his patio.

Furthermore, Zack won’t be as cool as he is now, no, but even cooler. Obviously humans won’t be walking because every single person will have a spacesuit, according to Zack.

Most importantly Venice will no longer be a standing city and, contemporaneously, Atlantis will be rising. This is what Zack said: “There is no future for mankind, everyone will have one job which consists of being a patio cleaner and we will no longer use cars but fly on millipedes or on cows”.

This is what Zaccaria is most looking forward to in 2022: all the humans will be obese and floating on flying chairs!

Zaccaria’s Response:

                 In the year 2022, Giovanni hopes to do many exciting things. He is going to live in a nice, aromatic bin. Giovanni isn’t going to have a car; he will actually be riding on a mule. All the animals will be emigrating to Italy, which will be invaded by all the sea animals (whales and sharks).

                 Giovanni is planning to become a professional basketball player. He is going to be as perplexed as he is now. As for his friends: Giorgia, in his prediction, will obviously be as cryptically cheeky as she is now; whereas Maddalena, she will be talking to herself in Spanish (as always), and one of his best friends, Zaccaria, will be as perfect as he is now.

                 His prediction for other students is Giorgio= stuntman, Emanuele=patio cleaner, Greta= patio cleaner, Valentina= mother, Sameer= father, Matilda= great grandmother, Caterina= patio cleaner, Massimo= grandfather, Serena= patio cleaner, Giulia,= professional formula 1 driver, Francesca= Ric Pimentel’s patio cleaner, Kalyan= thinker, Francesco= professional woodman story inventor.


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