Francesca, Allegra & Elena

Y7 Creative Writing

 In the year 2022 Elena Nalon hopes

to be doing many

exciting things…

She’ll be living in a house in New York, in front of the beach

 in Manhattan. She’ll also have a flat in 

California, situated on the 10th floor of a sky-scraper with a breath-taking view of the sea.

She’ll be working as journalist for ‘The New York Times’ but she’ll also be presenting a TG news for the great: BBC. In California she’ll be a super surfer, very talented, everyone will admire her.

Her articles will always be printed on the first page of the newspaper and everyone will love them. At only 23 years old she’ll write a book: “ My Fruit Life ” which will talk about her childhood.

She’ll marry a famous scientist, very tall and handsome, brown hair and intense blue-green eyes. Together they’ll invent a pair of shoes that will help people to walk in the correct way (obviously for use only if they have problems). She’ll adore sushi, and this is why Elena will be opening an international Japanese restaurant in Adelaide, Tokyo, Paris, Rome and London.

Because she’ll still hate people who leave the doors of the closet open (like her sister does), Elena will have in her house a room only for clothes, with no doors, so she won’t have to get mad at her sister any more.

ImageElena will go around in her super sporty ecological car and the wind will blow through her blonde hair. Everyone will turn around when she passes by, to see the famous TV presenter.

Sometimes Elena will go around on her brother’s motorbike which she borrowed the day before.

To sum up she’ll become very famous (even if now she says she’ll not be) and have a wonderful life, always full of surprises. Maybe in a few years she’ll be having babies, who knows.

Francesca describes Allegra’s future!


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