Angelica & Matilde

Y7 Creative Writing

In the year 2022, Matilde Scattolin hopes to be doing many exciting things.


First of all she will be graduating as a psychologist with the best of grades! She will have been studying at Bologna University where she found her love: a famous basketball player. He is a wonderful tall man: he has bright blue eyes, his hair is a precious blond which reminds her of the bright yellow sun which shines in summer, his height is an advantage for her as she can see everything from his shoulders. They will be marring at St. Francisco’s church on the 22nd of September (the day they met for the first time).

In the future Matilde will be moving solely by bicycle so that she will not pollute the air. She will be commuting from St. Francisco to Treasure Island everyday by bicycle. You will be asking your self: “How can she travel on the surface of the sea by bicycle? Well, the answer is simple: her sister Teresca Scattolin, the famous scientist, has invented a bycicle just for her sister. The actual reason why Teresa has made this present for her sister is because when they were little Teresa had thrown Matilde’s mobile phone out of the window, by accident. Matilde said to her that day: “I will apologise to you only if you create for me (and only for me) a bycicle that can travel through water.” Teresa felt so disappointed that she would draw up possible drafts of this bicycle for years to come.

Going back to Matilde’s future in the year 2022, Matilde, as she said before, will be working as a psychologist in her new ambulatory named: “Help to live better”, she will be receiving her patients every day of the week except Sundays, when she will be occupied with cheerleading for James’ team.

She hopes not to be interviewed for any television programmes but she thinks she will most likely be appearing in newspapers, thanks to James.

One of Matilde’s dreams, when she was a child, was to go up the Tour Eiffel in Paris, her favourite city, to sing but now she is happy and her strange dreams are changed. In her free time will mostly be watching television especially Real Time and other soaps. In the year 2022 she is also hoping to live in castle with a spectacular view with her husband James (instead of with her freakish little sister).

She also hopes the world will not be fighting but that there will be peace.


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