Giorgio & Emanuele

Y7 Creative Writing

In the year 2022 Giorgio (Bunny) hopes to be living at Chioggia and would like to be doing many exciting things.

He will be living in a little city of Mars called Chioggia. He will be married with 2 wives, 14 girlfriends and, hopefully, 300 sons. In this enormous city there will be bananas that teach you all day, flying carrots that tell you the information of the day and tomatoes will be talking.

He is going to have many types of cars, for example: mosquitoes, flying horses and indestructible ants. He hopes that he will be living with his bis, bis, bis, bis grandfather that will teach him all about the technology. In 2022 he will also have a T.V on his head to chat with other people.

Emanuele: in 2022 he will do very exciting & funny things. He will become an engineer for Audi and he will discover the v18 engine (only this guy would have such an idea).

But he will even do some strange things… He will change his name from Emanuele to Jackson. He will still use paper of instead of a pc, (a futuristic pc). He will be using the super expensive Lamborghini flying car (but he won’t have bought it, he’ll have stolen it). After 5 years of university he will go away and study engines for cars on his own and become an Audi engineer. Hhe will be living in the biggest bungalow in the world with his bis bis bis bis grandfather (who will be 200-150+50+2=102 years old). He will be still be studying for the PET Test because he is afraid so he never presents himself well enough! He is gonna still watch the match: LA Lakers vs Miami heat.

Jackson will be a great engineer and he is gonna have an impressive career!


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