Giulia & Serena

Y7 Creative Writing

2022 REPORT: Interview to Giulia Spigai

In 2022 , Giulia Spigai hopes to be experiencing many exciting activities… We asked her some questions and the following is her prediction of her life in 2022.

She would like to be living in a tent in the warm and solar Egypt, near the important museum of El Cairo. She thinks she will be living with her best friend Rihanna (the singer) and her joyful dog Puma.

Giulia hopes to be still studying archeology in a specialized university in Egypt, but she will be working part-time as a waiter in a luxurious restaurant. She, unfortunately, be earning not much money because of the work she will be doing, but her best friend will be a multimillionaire so she won’t pay anything.

She wishes to be dating a famous baseballer name d Alex, met casually in the cinema of the nearby city of Port Side. His team will be playing against an Egyptian for getting the money to donate to the poor.

Giulia won’t be travelling a lot because she will have to study 24 hours a day but she will become a computer expert due to the number of hours she will pass in front of it.

She told us she will be eating a special diet: she will become vegetarian so she will have a healthy life. Her favourite meals will be the Spanish paella, Chinese rice and Indian curry.

The colour Giulia will like the best will be yellow because it will remind her of the sun. The sun gives us light, heat and happiness. The sun has always been there and has passed through centuries and centuries of life. There is no life, without the sun.

Finally, the animal she will prefer will be the dog. Dogs help you without asking anything back, they are there to sustain you even though you sometimes treat them badly. They can feel what you feel and take care of you. She will have many reasons to love dogs.

Giulia will not be having babies at that age but she hopes to have them later. She hopes to have two boys and a girl and she will call them: Massimo, Giovanni and Giorgia.

As you can understand, Giulia’s life will be special. She will not have time to waste. We wish her good luck for her future and look forward to hearing from her in 2022, to see if she will be living the life she expected.

In the year 2022, Serena Stefanello hopes to be living very exciting experiences. She will be finishing her studies in the best orthodontic college in Spain, with her cousin Filippo.

Serena’s going to be dating her cousin’s best friend (a crazy scientist called Juan). He is going to create some special sweets which will be the only thing that she’ll eat and will give her some special powers: red ones will give her strength, purple ones will give her psychic powers and so on (in total there are twelve colours).

Luckily, she won’t be serving time in prison at that age, but when she gets older Serena thinks she will be tricked and will end up staying in jail for a few days, until the cops will discover she’s innocent.

She will have a part in a popular TV-show, but it won’t last long because she’ll be acting so badly, that the TV-programme’s owner will eject her out from the show.

Serena’s going to be visiting her old friends every weekend and this will bring her from one part to the other of the world. Some of the people will be: Kristine inAustralia, Lucy inEngland, Liliana inChina, Karin inGermanyand Sandra inSpain.

Unfortunately, Serena’s going to be suffering from a deadly infection, but her boyfriend Juan, will create an antibiotic which will save her life.

She’s not going to be working as a teacher, but as a dentist and she’ll be her uncle’s boss (who, obviously, will be a lot older than her).

She will be driving the first functioning flying carpet, above all the busy streets of the cities and she’ll be living under her parents’ garden, even if they won’t know it, in a secret house, with her crazy scientist boyfriend and his genetically changed creations.

Serena thinks and hopes to have this strange and bizarre kind of life in a few years time, even if I think that some of these ideas won’t be happening (such as the special sweets or her crazy scientist boyfriend) in only ten years time.


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