Greta & Valentina

Y7 Creative Writing

In the year 2022, Valentina hopes to be going to do many exciting things.

She will be working as a doctor in a famous hospital in New York. I asked her if she will be starring on TV but she won’t because is interested in the medical sector.

As a sideline, she also enjoys being a journalist because she likes writing and likes informing herself and other people of many cases.

Valentina will neither be living with her parents nor with her husband because she’s too young. She would like to have a child when she’s older but in the 2022 she will not know how to be a parent.

She will continue studying at Brown University. Valentina will travel all around the big, wide world and have fun visiting many new places.

She hopes to be living in an enormous castle with the man she loves. I asked her if the castle where she will be living will be like those in horror films: mysterious and creepy;  the castle will be on an isolated mountain with all the bats flying around it; with cobwebs that descend from ceilings  and spiders that tickle your skin. Obviously she responded with the word that has two letters and only two: NO!

Last but not least is: that she will certainly be missing me!

In the year 2022,Greta hopes to be living in the big apple (New York), where sh ehas five hotels of three or four stars she will be living alone near me in a residence where you can see the Statue of Liberty.

She won’t be married at 22 years but she wants, in few years time, when she becomes famous for her fantastic hotels but she will continue studing in New York while she is working. She won’t be having children too because she is too young.

the little apartament were she is living is only a temporary situation because her real dream is to live in a enormous villa, with four floor five rooms with six bathrooms. fontunatlly she will still be in contact with me and with all her middle school friends.


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