Kalyan & Massimo

Y7 Creative Writing

In the year 2022, Massimo will be doing many physically challenging things. One of these things is digging holes 10 feet deep and 10 feet wide in size in the desert, where very little or no water can be found and the temperatures can hover above extreme heights up to 50°c!

However, Massimo is a tough man and will also be doing awesome things like playing futuristic rugby with aliens 10 times his size (he always wins) and following in Batman’s footsteps to become a hero and protect the world from evil. However, his health will be positive as he will not be suffering from a bacterial infection (mainly because he lives with aliens that are not infected) and his skin will not be burning from global warming. How is that possible? Simple, he won’t be living on Earth, but he’ll be living on Mars! More specifically, he’ll be living in the desert on the southeast side of the planet (taking in account that the poles are at the north and south side) where people and aliens are best friends with each other.

Looking more specifically at Massimo’s personal life, he’ll be dating Megan Fox junior every day which he will have been doing for quite some while already. He’ll be witnessing Mars War 4 (MW4), a deadly war where humans will be fighting aliens to conquer the planet of Mars, at the same time as studying real hard for his final exams to become a professional digger at “DesertCollege”. He first got inspired to dig holes when he read the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar.

He’ll be hoping to graduate with a high grade and be marked in history books as the first person to dig a 10×10 feet hole on Mars.

Even though a lot of him will be different in 10 years from now (2022), some things will remain the same. For instance, he’s still Roman Catholic Christian and he still has the same habits (and loud voice) as 10 years ago.

In the year 2022 (maybe 22 because of the Maya calendar) Kalyan hopes to be doing many boring and uninteresting things, like he will be living in the freezing, ice North Pole! In an igloo! With polar bears everywhere! Second Mr. Kalyan wants to work in the non-existent airport of the North Pole driving invisibles planes.

This boy, who in the year 2022 (22 maybe) will be a young man but he thinks he will be too young to live with a wife (but maybe atlist a girlfriend). Let’s see how he answered this question: “Will you have babies?” He answered: “NO NO never, Ehhh no no babies!” I don’t think he wants kids! Another question we asked him in 2012 was whether the earth would still  exist he answered he still needs to check this out. For his invisible job he will be earning the fortune of $1,000,000! How will he get money in that wasteland! I can’t imagine it! But he will not be alone in the North Pole he will have his two best friends with him Earny and Burny. He told us he is going to hang out with them, yes maybe in an Italian restaurant which is in the North Pole? I don’t know! Two last questions were: “Will you be driving a boat?” and “Will you be living in a Brat Camp?” So he answered he won’t be have a license to drive nautic cars and he answered to the second questions he won’t live in a Brat Camp because his well-balanced professional citizen. However I fell that living in the North Poles like living in a Brat Camp! (For those who don’t know what’s a Brat Camp: it is a camp where bad children go!)

To conclude, it’s been a pleasure to interview Kalyan Archibold Frankilng Wessendorp.

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