Giorgia & Maddalena

Y7 Creative Writing


How do we expect our lives to be in the year 2022?

Well, Maddalena hopes to be doing many exciting things in that year.

First  of all, she told me she’ll be living at Atlantis in a huge crystal case where water can’t enter. She decided to live there because she loves to swim in the ocean and she loves to see new adventurous places. She also told me she’ll be driving an expensive flying car because on Atlantis there are many of them.

After I asked her what she would do for a hobby when she got older, she explained to me that she will be bungee jumping from the Tower Bridge of London, and that she would like to enter in the Guinness World Record, with her friend Giorgia, as the first two women ever to bungee jumping from all the possible and imaginable bridges of whole America!

The next two things I asked her were : “What’s your dream-job?”,  and she answered that her dream-job would be to become a veterinarian because she loves animals, in fact she’ll have two dogs (the dogs she still has now): Dexter and Pinky; and the other question was: “Will you change your hair color to catch the new trends of 2022?” and she responded that she would never change her hair color, especially to catch the new trends that could change the day after. She likes her hair color and she wants to keep them like that without any modifications.

Then  continuing with our conversation it came out that in 2022 she would like to date a rich and powerful king and that she hopes to marry her dream-guy because she don’t want to be alone forever.

Finally ending the conversation she told me she’ll be helping her friend Giorgia with her complicated hobby: painting views on grains of rice!!


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