The Great Gatsby & the Death of the American Dream

The Great Gatsby By F.Scott Fitzgerald, Uncategorized

The Great Gatsby & the Death of the American Dream

Mr. Gatsby, also known as Jay Gatsby, James Gatsby, James Gatts, and Jimmy, plays a very important role in the novel The Great Gatsby. He also plays a large role in the main theme of the book. Throughout the novel Gatsby illustrates the theme known by many as The American Dream, however, later in the story this dream becomes The American Nightmare. After studying each of the characters it is evident that each of them plays a role in this theme. Each of these characters displays a unique version of the widely interpreted, American Dream, although it is most evident in the characters Gatsby and Daisy……………


3 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby & the Death of the American Dream

  1. Adding to my comment above, I think that Gatsby was unlucky to have not seen the truth in his “true love”. he should have realised what type of person she really was because, after all, most of his American Dream was influenced and blinded by Daisy. In my opinion, Gatsby should have accepted the fact that he would never be together with Daisy, even though he was a reasonably powerful man who’s goal was to “buy” her love. If he did this then it would have been a completly different story and he would probably not die in the end.

  2. I believe it is clear in the book “The Great Gatsby” how the american dream is a theme present in the characters.As the article says i agree each of the characters shows a unique version of it and it reflects on their attitude and behaviour. It is intresting to note how each of the characters express their way of thinking about the american dream throughout the book and how well the writer is able to espress it.

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