The Outsider By Albert Camus

IB Diploma: Part Three - Texts and Contexts

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The Outsider By Albert Camus


3 thoughts on “The Outsider By Albert Camus

  1. Part II

    I believe in the first principle that is stated: “My most authentic moment in life is death”. After reading “Death and Absurdism in Camus’s The stranger” Albert Camus gives expressions of his main philosophy of death and Absurdism, one of the central themes is that the significance of human life is understood only in light of mortality, death changes the perception of life. Only certain thing in life is the inevitability of death, and, since all humans will finally assemble death, all lives are all uniformly worthless. The centrality of death, as a notion, is conceivably Camus’s way of forcing us to face the range of altering attitudes on this general, noticeably absurdist, thesis. In The Stranger, death is predictable and does not lead to a life after death. No human being or living thing is privileged; everyone is equal, at the same level because every human being has to face death sooner or later. A current a detachment to life, a total passivity and incredible neutrality, there is no differentiation between every individual because everyone has the same fate.

    Part III

    After reading the novel my belief on the statement “My most authentic moment in life is death” hasn’t changed. What I’m going to analyse is another quote that after having read the book has revealed positive: “Existance is absurd and true meaning in life is impossible”. This is Camus’s main ethic. Absurdists suppose that it is pointless to observe at the meaning of life, because live has no meaning. Life to an absurdist is unsystematic and looking for significance is a waste of time, since there is no natural meaning in life. It is not necessary to wonder, life and the things that we believe or understand have no meaning besides. Camus believe that it is us that construct the meaning in the things we enjoy in life. This is what he thinks makes it worth living. People may shape meaning in their own life and find their personal goal for which to struggle. There is also no “faith” in the view of the absurdist. Faith infers somewhat that stimulus come from interpretation. Instead, the existing becomes and remains the place in which the absurd philosopher emphases on in life, thereby completely living in the today and not in what might or might not come to pass.

  2. PART II
    Reading “The outsider” by Albert Camus, I believe in the principle “In life, I must make choices regardless of what’s best for others. I can only choose what’s best for me.”. When I need to take important decisions, I firstly think of what is best for me and then I evaluate whether this will affect others or not. But even if this does in some extent I don’t change my choice as we live our life only once and therefore we need to live it in the best way we can. This is also what happens to Mersault in “The Outsider”, he decides to kill an Arab., but he is indifferent about being friends with Raymond and about marrying Marie. He decided to perform this action without considering them. When Marie visits him while he is in prison, he doesn’t feel like talking to her for long and he observes what is around him rather than thinking of her, meaning that she is now insignificant to him while she still wants to marry him and she tries to smile to make him happier.

    After reading “The Outsider” my belief on the statement “My most authentic moment in life is death” has changed. The main theme of the novel is in fact death, which deeply affects our way of thinking and changes the way in which we see life. Though, in our everyday life we never think about it as we have many other activities to do and this is why I firstly didn’t think that this statement was correct as I had never reasoned on it before. But when we don’t know how to kill time like Mersault, we think about what will be certainly happening in our future. Death is the only certain aspect of life that each one of us will reach. This is a moment where everyone is equal, rich and poor, assassins and innocents, will all face death and this is why we can consider it as the most authentic moment in life as it is the only certain event we now of and that proved that our existence wasn’t just a huge dream.

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