FCE Grading & Results


The five FCE papers total 200 marks, after weighting. Each paper is weighted to 40 marks.
A candidate’s overall FCE grade is based on the total score gained by the candidate in all five papers. It is not necessary to achieve a satisfactory level in all five papers in order to pass the examination.

The overall grade boundaries (A, B, C, D and E) are set according to the following information:
• statistics on the candidature;
• statistics on the overall candidate performance;
• statistics on individual items, for those parts of the examination for which this is appropriate (Papers 1, 3 and 4);
• advice, based on the performance of candidates, and recommendations of examiners where this is relevant (Papers 2 and 5);
• comparison with statistics from previous years’ examination performance and candidature.

Results are reported as three passing grades (A, B and C) and two failing grades (D and E). The minimum successful performance which a candidate typically requires in order to achieve a Grade C corresponds to about 60% of the total marks. Statements of results are sent out to all candidates and include a graphical display of the candidate’s performance in each paper. These are shown against the scale Exceptional – Good – Borderline – Weak and indicate the candidate’s relative performance in each paper.


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